Siddhartha Medical College is one of the premier reputed Medical Colleges in India, which is established in 1981. Siddhartha  Medical College, Central  Library and Information Centre is located in two blocks of the first floor. This is  repository of medical knowledge and form an integral part of the institution. It is rich in its collection over the past three decades. This Library has a long history, starting with the closed-access of earlier times to the present–day hybrid, digital and Electronic Library that use the latest technology for provision of information through various services. With dedicated Library staff the library is servicing the medical user community with the right medical information at right time. The library has developed the resources and collection that is required for the student community of the institution. Originally, textbooks were simply the teacher’s lecture notes which were often sold lecture by lecture. Even today, many textbooks remain only slightly more than lecture notes. But SMC Library recognized the importance of textbooks and reference materials in higher education from inception and is firmly trying to extend the best to its users.


Library Building

Library and Information Centre has 2400 Sq.M. of floor area spread over two Blocks with provision for textbooks section, reference section, stock area, back volume area, periodical section,  audio/video section, reprographic section, computer workstation with internet facility and access to e-resources, Librarian office and technical section and Round the Clock Reading Room.